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Yes, the GTA 5 mobile works on iOS phones. In the beginning, our application was only compatible with the Android platform. Many fans asked about the stable version of iOS devices, and we decided to go further. The work in the application for the iOS system took about a few months to complete, and we came up with a stable version of GTA 5 mobile iOS.

iOS phones also have a very big user base and how we can neglect that. We try to provide solutions for our every mobile users in the form of mod applications and games. Our team of expert developers worked very hard to get the task done and provide our iOS users their favorite game to play on their phones. The game GTA 5 mobile is full of incredible missions and free play is also great.

download GTA 5 mobile apk

GTA 5 iOS has one of the best graphics features on the mobile platform and can be compared to the Playstation or Xbox platform. This also depends on the device used. The game works pretty good on newer mobile phones with better processors, RAM, and graphics than older devices. It’s good that it also works on a iPad with operating system version 10.0 or higher.

The installation process for GTA 5 mobile on iPhone is the same as on Android. Download our apk and install it on your phone, that’s all. The application is stable, and there should be no problems with the installation of the game. Rockstar Games did not launch the official version of the GTA 5 for mobile, but we have taken the liberty of creating a stable and secure version of the GTA 5 mobile apk for you.

Our game GTA 5 mobile works 100% fine on both android and iOS devices.