The Best Ways To Lower Cholesterol Level

Ways to lower cholesterol level

Having high cholesterol means directly risking the health of your heart. The resultant disease can result in a fatal stroke. For those who wish to lead a healthy life with a promise of good health, then they have to take steps to lower cholesterol. High cholesterol leads to stiffening of the arteries that in turn reduces the rate at which blood reaches in and out of the heart. The heart then has to work harder to complete this process which is why you get tried rather soon also it will cause mild to intense chest pain and probably a heart attack.

The ideal level of cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dl; it means that your cholesterol is manageable. If the body cholesterol level exceeds 200 mg/dl and shoots over 240 mg/dl, then you have entered a high-risk zone. If you are in the danger zone then without any further delay, fix an appointment with a heart specialist and take complete treatment. Even a general physician will conduct a blood test and handover the blood test report; this report will contain your cholesterol numbers. There are various drugs in the market to reduce cholesterol. As per the condition of your cholesterol, the doctor will prescribe medication. Cholesterol related medicines contain inhibitors to absorb plus nicotinic acid.

You should understand that for these drug therapies to be effective both in the long term and in the short term you will have to effect changes in your lifestyle. Get effective natural remedies at your nearest pharmacies, health food stores and grocery stores. There are many websites that too sell cholesterol lowering supplements but as with all things you have to be careful of what products you choose. Whatever decision you make should be in consultation with your physician.

Completely avoid foods that contain saturated fats and switch to foods containing low fat, so what are the best foods with low fat, well green vegetables are the best foods one can have. The ideal food diet is to consume food from all food sources, foods such as fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, soy & grains are perfect. Foods such as junk food, fast foods, processed foods, processed dairy products, butter, prepackaged food and margarine are a complete no. Such food types carry high amounts of trans-fats that can cause considerable damage.

Food that lower cholesterolSmoking is another reason that leads to cholesterol increase. Avoid smoking as this will help minimize poor health conditions too. Additionally, reduce the amount of calorie you consume it will benefit you in more than one way. Another key to controlling cholesterol as well as maintaining good health is regular exercise even aerobic exercise would assist you in achieving it.

Vitamins such as artichoke leaf extract, vitamin E, chromium, and niacin aid reduce or stall the process of the body creating high cholesterol. But I will advise that before you take any step does consult your doctor. It happens at times that some vitamins or supplements might not suit your body and instead of curing your cholesterol it might trigger a new problem. That is the major reason why you should only use natural products they won’t leave any side effects. These are basically the best ways to lower cholesterol and improve your health.

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