Factors that influence steroid detection times in the body


Before you make use of the available equations and data to check if you will be safe from the detection, it is important to also note that there are factors which will determine how long this steroid remains in the body. These are the factors that you should first take consideration of before even doing the calculations.

For instance, the length of time that one used the drug is one determining factor. The potency of the drug is also a major factor to put into consideration. Most notably, if you acquired the steroid from a country or gym where there are no restrictions which govern their selling, then you could be in trouble.

Tolerance to the drug

What matters most in any steroid detection time is your tolerance from this drug. If you have a high tolerance, then it should not take long before it is wiped completely from the system. Your fluid intake as well as metabolism in your body will also be factors to determine how long it will take before the steroid is clean off your body and undetectable. If you know how your body responds to a certain drug, then you will be safe knowing that it will be out of your system before the test.

Detection times for common steroids

There are some popular steroids whose detection times has already been worked out considering other factors have been kept constant. However, these lengths of time are simply averages hence should be used with utter discretion. Also, it is important to note that these times only represent athletes who are subjected to urine tests. For those who may be subjected to a blood test, then these detection times may not work for you. For instance, anadrol and halotestin’s detection time is around 2 months. Andriol on the other hand is 1 week. One should be careful before relying on these pre-calculated data.

Different ways to beat tests

In their quest to learn ways of avoiding being caught and beating the tests, many people have turned to the internet to find out how they can beat the anabolic steroid tests. However, none of the solutions provided truly works hence leaving many on rough edges. With the sophistication of the detection equipment, it has become more difficult for one to use the previous provided tips and tricks. The only sure way is to keep in mind the half-life and then come up with a good plan of your cycle based on the scheduled day of testing.

About HGH?

For the last couple of years, there have been rumors circulating the internet that HGH is completely undetectable in any steroid test. This has caught the attention of bodybuilders and athletes. However, there are tests which can quantity HGH from 24 to 36 hours of usage and one should take this into consideration.

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