Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners – A Name You Trust

Kenmore products have been sold throughout the U.S. since the 1920s, but they were originally known for their washing machines and dryers. They originally appeared in the hugely popular Sears catalog but today they make all varieties of home appliances as well as vacuum cleaners and a variety of smaller home necessities like baby bottle warmers.

When you think about home appliances chances are high that Kenmore is a name that comes to mind. This is one of the leading manufacturers who Americans have grown to trust over the years. You probably had Kenmore appliances in your home when growing up and you may have at least one or two sitting in your home right now. It’s no wonder that many people come to Kenmore vacuum cleaners with a lot of trust and high expectations.

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Since Kenmore keeps up with the times and continually offers advanced technology that will make their machines even more functional, they more than live up to their reputation. Look at some of the advanced technology currently being featured on some of their vacuum cleaners:

  • Pet Power Mate attachment to suck up more pet hair and dander.
  • IntelliClean which increases power when higher amounts of dirt are detected.
  • Belt-free designs that never require replacement belts.

Let’s take a look at each category of vacuums currently being offered from Kenmore to see how these features plus others come into play in our market. The Pet Vacuum Guy will show you which is the best pet vac. I actually prefer backpack vacuums. Read this┬áProTeam ProVac FS 6 review and discover why.

Upright Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners

In 2007 the Progressive Kenmore vacuum cleaner was ranked #1 by a major consumer report magazine. This showcases the high position that upright vacuums from the brand holds in our modern market. The Progressive vacuum cleaner has the IntelliClean feature that senses dirtier areas of the floor and picks up the suction power automatically to get those areas just as clean as the rest of the floor.

Another feature that some Kenmore vacuum cleaners now have is a self-propelling system. This allows the vacuum to move itself along the floor so it isn’t as difficult to push them around. This is a great feature for Kenmore since their vacuums tend to be rather heavy. Of course, with that heaviness comes very durable parts that don’t break easily and machines that last for many years.

Just like all major manufacturers of vacuums today, Kenmore is also offering some vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filtration systems to keep your air as clean as your floors. Most of their vacuums are safe for all types of carpeting as well as flat surfaces.

Some Kenmore upright vacuum cleaners still use bags that you have to change, but others are completely bagless. Many of their most recent releases are compatible with their Pet Power Mate attachment.

Canister Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners

Just like upright vacuums from the brand, Kenmore makes bagged as well as bagless canister vacuums. Some are designed to be ultra compact and lightweight while other shave more size and weight along with more suction power.

Many of their smallest canister vacuums can be used on all types of flooring and are extremely easy to pull up and down stairs if necessary. The fuller sized vacuums will have more on-board tools than the small units.

Kenmore has always been a household name in the home appliance market, but today they are also a household name in the vacuum cleaner industry.